September 11, 2009

  • Consumer Reports is warning that Latisse, the new prescription drug for “inadequate" eyelashes, might not be the best idea. Originally a glaucoma medication, the product has a frighteningly long list of possible side effects, including the darkening of eyelids and turning light eyes dark! Are plumper lashes really worth it? [Consumer Reports]

  • As the weather cools off, more and more of our workouts are moving indoors. To make the gym more exciting, we’re adding some sprints to our treadmill routine. Every time a commercial starts, try running as fast as you can until the show comes back on! [FNCiMag]

  • Fall weekends may not be filled with trips to the beach and backyard barbecues, but they are the perfect time for an orchard adventure. Here, everything you need to plan the perfect apple-picking extravaganza, complete with some tasty recipes for your harvest. [Real Simple]

  • We hate that dream when someone is chasing us and we just can’t get away. But it would be much worse to wake up and be unable to move! Well, that’s what happens in sleep paralysis. The brain gets mixed-up messages, causing sleep-like paralysis while you are actually awake—and panicking! [Divine Caroline]

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