Alyssa Sparacino
August 31, 2012

We can't believe we're saying this, but it's "unofficially" the last Friday of summer! Labor Day weekend marks Americans' last chance to extend everything we love about this season: cookouts, white pants, fireworks, R & R time, and best yet, a patriotic excuse to get together with friends and family! Pinterest comes through again with some cool ideas to get you in the festive mood!

Take a bite out of the flag
Blue with stars or red with stripes--pick your piece (or in this case, your pop) of cake! There never was a better excuse to have some dessert--consider it a duty to your country!

Credit: via Angela on Pinterest
"Eat" your soda
Root beer is as classic as the celebration of Labor Day itself. This fizzy drink lends its sweetness and distinguished flavor to BBQ sauce in this recipe for pulled pork sandwiches.

Credit: via Heather on Pinterest
Put-together patriotism
What starts as simply a fun red, white, and blue table setting, turns into the most color-coordinated party (uh, photo shoot) ever once you're redirected from the photo. It's so lovely, we're gushing!

Credit: via Angela on Pinterest
Hey, thanks to you!
As you're sitting back with a glass of lemonade on a front porch somewhere, remember all that hard work you put in (at the office, on the road, in the house) is being honored today! So don't do any!

Credit: via Sari on Pinterest
Grown-up candy striper
When else can you wear a bold red and white skirt with a blue breezy top and no one would think anything about it other than how chick you look? Go all out. You won't have another chance until Memorial Day!

Credit: via Sarah on Pinterest

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