Diana Cerqueira
August 20, 2012

Add earlobes to the list of things that start to sag with time! Aging alone makes the earlobe start to lengthen, and if you wear heavy earrings, it only contributes to the droop (as does sleeping or talking on the phone with earrings on).

But there are things you can do to fix the problem. Dermatologists are using leftover Restylane (a hyaluronic acid filler used to plump wrinkles) as a way to fix saggy earring holes.

One needle-free solution: Blingdots ($15 for 45 day supply). These discreet and disposable earring backs (made with a hypoallergenic memory foam) relieve the weight and pressure of earrings while positioning them perfectly on your ears so they won’t fall forward.

They’re easy to apply too. Simply, stick the adhesive side of the foam dots to lobes and poke earrings through holes like you normally would. Bling on!

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