August 17, 2008

I recently blogged about my farewell dinner with Kristin Armstrong and the nutrient-rich diet she follows. And now, just a week later, she’s on a plane headed from Beijing to Boise, but with some major hardware: an Olympic gold medal. She won the Olympic time-trial event—the second time in history that an American woman has won an Olympic gold medal in cycling.

Knowing K.A. for several years now, and having my husband work closely with her on her equipment and training, has made me realize how much we can accomplish with dedication and focus. Kristin was always a gifted athlete, but she also has arthritis and was forced to switch from triathlon to cycling due to the immense pain she had while running.

She has inspired so many people with chronic diseases to excel and accomplish great things, despite medical conditions. Kristin also celebrated her 35th birthday in Beijing, making me realize that I can still get in the best shape of my life. It takes a lot of dedication and focus as we get older, but it's never too late.

To follow Kristin's story, visit her website.

By Julie Upton, RD


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