This is what it looks like to OD—and then choose to get clean and sober.

A drug overdose victim strapped to a hospital bed is not a pretty sight. But there's a positive side to the hospital overdose photo Reddit user sturgio_garcia posted on Friday.

She paired it next to an image of herself months later, after she got clean. Redditors responded with a huge collective thumbs up, and the powerful side-by-side photos garnered thousands of upvotes and comments.

“Left is me in the ICU from an overdose,” sturgio_garcia wrote. “Decided I was sick and tired of being sick and tired and am 6 months clean and sober today.”

Within three days, the post received more than 119,000 upvotes and racked up just over 4,000 comments. Many were from other former addicts as well as medical professionals, all congratulating her and encouraging her to stay clean.

As a Paramedic it’s awesome to see someone actually get clean...wish it happened more often...keep at it,” wrote one commenter. “63 days 16 minutes 33 seconds here. Not that I’m counting. Congratulations on your half year. Stay strong. I won’t use with you today.”

When one person inquired who took the photo on the left, sturgio_garcia replied, “My dad did. When I asked him to send it to me today he said that photo makes him so sad but so happy that I’m not that person anymore. I hate what I put my family through.”

The thread also became a welcoming place where Redditors motivated other recovering addicts, encouraging them to stay strong. “I’m going to read these comments every day I feel a craving,” one respondent wrote. “I am BEAMING right now.”