Beware any doctor who suggests that you take human growth hormone (HGH). "It is illegal to prescribe for anti-aging purposes, period," says S. Jay Olshansky, PhD, of the Center on Aging at the University of Chicago.
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Fed up with fees airlines charge for more leg room, to check bags, even to use the bathroom? Now brace yourself for new, completely outrageous fees at your doctor's office too.

According to a report by CBS news, doctors nationwide are slapping on fees for "new patient visits" ($164 for one poor guy in Sacramento, who actually was not a new patient but hadn't been in for a while) as well as fees for asking too many questions per visit.

Aren't patients supposed to ask questions of their doctor? Maybe that's not the point. As the cost of healthcare and malpractice insurance soars, expect to see more doctors nickel and dime-ing their patients to make up for it.

But don't expect insurance companies to cover it.