Let's take a crash course in female anatomy, shall we?

For the uninitiated, Airbnb is a trendy "sharing economy" site that enables people to rent rooms in their homes or apartments. Well, the company almost broke the Internet yesterday when they unveiled a new logo.

The logo is below and Airbnb is calling it the Bélo, a symbol of belonging, as it combines imagery for people, places, and love.

But a lot of people said it looks like a vagina. Others said it resembles a butt or breasts, but genitalia was the most common comparison.

Here's the thing: those people, like many others, are misusing the word vagina.


Let's take a crash course in female anatomy, shall we? The vagina is actually an internal organ: it's the muscular canal that leads to your cervix. The external genitals, then, are collectively known as the vulva. The vulva has five parts: the labia majora, labia minora, clitoris, the vaginal opening, and urethra.

Twitter commenters aren't the only people confused about what's what down there. An episode on season 2 of Orange is the New Black featured a conversation not unlike ones we've overheard in real life. In episode 4, called "A Whole Other Hole," Taystee says she doesn't think women have a separate opening for urinating, and a debate rages among the women at Litchfield Prison. Sophia, the transgendered woman who runs the prison's beauty salon, has to draw the other inmates a diagram of the vulva to explain it all.

So the next time someone says that something looks like a vagina, you can educate them—or, you know, just laugh to yourself.