September 15, 2009

  • Vacation doesn’t have to uproot your regular workout routine, or send you on a junk-food binge. These five fitness retreats boast healthy eating and exercising options for the next time you’re due for some R&R. [That’s Fit]

  • With flu season quickly approaching, there’s a lot of worry about spreading icky germs. The little buggers are everywhere, including your office desk, your pillow, and even your toothbrush. Don’t worry, they can’t all make you sick, but you should still get the facts behind 12 germy hot spots. [Fitness]

  • Instead of mourning the end of summer, we’re trying to really celebrate these last few glorious days. How better to toast the season than by raising a glass of one of these tasty lemonade recipes? []

  • Instead of focusing on what you can’t and shouldn’t eat in your diet, try out some foods that can help you lose. These seven foods may help you shed those unwanted pounds. And there’s great news: Pizza and chocolate are on the list! [DivineCaroline]

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