May 06, 2011

  • Would you rather live a longer life in your own skin, or be one of the beautiful people? A survey of more than 300 British women found that 16% of them would give up a year of life in exchange for the perfect body. [DailySpark]

  • We know Cinco de Mayo's over, but if you were too busy with kids and work Thursday, you can still get your margarita on this weekend. Here, a top chef teaches you how to make a tasty—and spicy!—guacamole. [FNC iMag]

  • In case you are doing any celebrating this weekend—Mother's Day or otherwise—take care to avoid hangovers. In fact, the makers of this new drink claim it can ward off hangovers altogether, and it's full of healthy amino acids and antioxidants. [Vital Juice]

  • Still not sure what to give Mom for Mother's Day? Never fear: Whip up one of these five brunch recipes on Sunday morning, and she'll be eternally grateful. [FitSugar]

  • An Oregon woman emerged from dental surgery with a British-sounding accent. No, she wasn't faking it. Foreign accent syndrome affects about 100 people throughout the world. [Vitamin G]

  • With spring fever in the air and summer vacations not far away, it can be hard to focus on winding down at night. Still, experts say at least seven hours of sleep is essential to function properly. Here are some tips for getting your z's. [Fox News Health]

  • Should you avoid sushi and hot dogs while pregnant? Should you not pet cats? And is it really better to sleep on your left side? Three California ob-gyns confront 20 common pregnancy myths. [Time Healthland]

  • Ah, '80s exercise: neon legwarmers, tight-fitting leotards, and frilly scrunchies. But were all those butt squeezes and calisthenics worth it? [HuffPo]

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