November 11, 2011

  • Cooking on Thanksgiving can be daunting, especially when everyone has a say in what's for dinner. Whether there's a nut allergy, a dairy intolerance, or just a picky eater at your table, here are four allergy-friendly ingredients that will satisfy everyone. [Vital Juice]

  • Think health and fitness are impossible to maintain during the holidays? Not quite. With eight weeks until the New Year, you could run a marathon, lose 16 pounds, and enjoy your favorite foods. No resolutions needed—you'll start 2012 off with a bang! [dailySpark]

  • If remembering to take the Pill daily is nearly impossible (hey, a girl gets busy this time of year!), you might want to try Nexplanon, a new birth-control implant that lasts up to three years! [Vitamin G]

  • There's no excuse to toss aside your dumbbells or hog the machines at the gym, even if you're in a hurry to buff up your body. From wiping down the elliptical to staying (semi) clothed in the locker room, having basic gym etiquette can result in extremely rewarding fitness karma. [Greatist]

  • The chores are done, the emails are checked, and you're finally catching enough z's. So what's up with the morning exhaustion? Here are five everyday things that are keeping you from getting a restful sleep. [HuffPost]

  • Whoever said nicotine gum was the best way to stop smoking didn't try counseling or medication first. Only 6% of smokers were able to quit this year, even though half tried. Try a few more effective strategies to kick the habit in 2012. [TIME Healthland]

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