This Much-Loved Facial Steamer Works on Stuffy Noses, Clogged Pores, and More

Customers say this is the “best” facial steamer they’ve ever owned.

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 NanoSteamer Large 3-in-1 Nano Ionic Facial Steamer Tout


Like it or not, cold and flu season is here, and trying to dodge all the sniffling and sneezing that’s going on has practically become a full-time job. Chances are, you or someone in your household is likely going to get hit with something this winter, leaving you feeling tired, hoarse, or at the very least, congested. (According to the CDC, respiratory viruses thrive during the fall and winter months as temperatures dip and people mostly gather indoors.) The good news is, Amazon has plenty of Cyber Monday deals on must-have items that will come to the rescue and soothe that stuffy nose in no time.

Enter the NanoSteamer 3-in-1 Facial Steamer. Not only does it pull double-duty as a steamer and humidifier, but it can also be used year-round as part of your regular skincare routine. Normally, this 3-in-1 kit would run you $64.95, but in honor of Cyber Monday, Amazon has slashed its price by nearly 50%! Now, it can be yours for just $33.95.

To buy: NanoSteamer 3-in-1 Facial Steamer $33.95 (was 64.95);

As a humidifier, the NanoSteamer helps increase moisture in the room, which can reduce nasal congestion, soothe dry coughs, and even promote better sleep at night. It also promises long-lasting relief, since it has a large 200 ml water tank, and can provide direct steam on the nasal passages for up to 30 minutes at a time.

As a facial steamer, customers rave about how great of a skincare and wellness device it is. (Not to mention how much it’ll save you from spending on professional facials at the spa.)

The 3-in-1 set comes with a 5-Piece Skin Kit that includes a stainless steel blackhead and blemish extractor kit, which you can use after the steamer opens up your pores. Other convenient features include an automatic shutoff sensor and a nearly-silent motor. There’s even a separate chamber inside for warming towels!

But what really makes the NanoSteamer unique is that it generates nano-ionic steam by “combining conventional heating elements with a new ultra sonic vaporizer,” according to the Amazon product description. In turn, this produces nano steam with negatively charged ionic particles. (In case all of that feels like a confusing crash-course in high school chemistry, all you need to know is this: It’s 10 times more effective in penetrating skin.)

Don’t just take our word for it, though. The NanoSteamer currently has more than 36,000 reviews on Amazon — most of which are from happy customers who gave it 5 stars.

One customer said it feels just like the steamers used at day spas by professional aestheticians. Another said they feel like they’ve had a $200 facial after using it.

“I was skeptical, but it does work,” the same customer shared. “My skin is smooth [and] I can feel the dead cells have been lifted.”

“I’m pleasantly surprised at how well this works!” added someone else. “Heats up fast (20 seconds) and produces a lot of steam. So easy to use — best steamer I’ve owned.”

 NanoSteamer Large 3-in-1 Nano Ionic Facial Steamer


To buy:
NanoSteamer 3-in-1 Facial Steamer $33.95 (was 64.95);

Others have given it two thumbs up for its zen-factor.

“I’m a stay-at-home mom who’s been looking for a little self-care time and this product is divine,” one Amazon customer shared. “It’s so refreshing to use.”

Still, the most helpful reviews have probably come from those who’ve been pleasantly surprised by the NanoSteamer’s use as a cold and cough remedy.

One customer said they originally purchased it as part of their beauty routine, but quickly wound up loving it even more for its humidifying powers. “I suffer from sinus and allergy problems all year round,” the customer explained, but using the NanoSteamer often makes her “instantly feel better.”

Others have used the steamer on their children, including one parent who said that it helped their 5-month-old, who was fighting both the common cold and COVID-19. 

“Doctor recommended making our baby inhale steam from a hot water shower or something similar,” the customer shared. “We ended up buying this from Amazon, and it works out much much better. It is very easy to use [and] gives a lot of steam from a good distance, so [you] don't have to be too close to it like a lot of other products.” 

“It is absolutely great to have a very well-functioning, easy to use product — without spending a crazy amount of money on it!” they added. 

We couldn’t agree more.

To buy:
NanoSteamer 3-in-1 Facial Steamer $33.95 (was 64.95);

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