5 Prescription Delivery Apps That Will Save You Money

Maybe you take statins to help in the management of your cholesterol, need antidepressants, or use pain medications on a daily basis. These drugs can become costly, but there are ways to reduce those costs. From free same-day delivery to finding coupons for your medication, these apps will save you money and make getting your prescription less of a hassle.

Prescription drugs are expensive. A 2018 study by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development tracking pharmaceutical spending found that on average, Americans spend $1,200 on prescription drugs every year—higher than any other developed country in the world. Especially during a pandemic, finding ways to save money on prescription drugs has never been more important.

The cost of getting your prescription delivered from a traditional retail pharmacy can vary. Some large chains like Walgreens offer free delivery for refills. Other pharmacies can add between $10 to $20 dollars to your bill. Plus, waiting in long lines at the pharmacy is even less appealing. So what's the solution?

Well, universal health care and more affordable drug prices. But until then, here are some of the fastest and most affordable prescription delivery apps out there that will deliver right to your door for free—so you save money and get the medication you need.

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This app offers free, same-day contactless delivery, and pharmacists you can call or text—all with your usual insurance copay and no extra costs. Capsule also coordinates your refills with your doctor, and even talks to your insurance company about copays, so all you really have to deal with is picking a delivery time that works best for you. Capsule works with all major insurance plans, including Managed Medicaid and Medicare Part D. Right now, Capsule only delivers in select cities, but is planning on expanding to others. There is a waitlist you can join to know when Capsule is available in your area.


CVS offers free prescription delivery through its app. Just download the CVS app, and fill your prescription. Once you get a notification in the app that your prescription is ready, you can choose free 1-2 day delivery. The CVS app also gives you an option to enroll in auto-delivery to have any repeat prescriptions delivered. Add any essentials you need to your order through the app and those will be delivered along with your prescription.


Founded by second-generation pharmacy owners, Medly is an online pharmacy that offers free same-day delivery on your prescriptions, no matter what type of medication it is. Just tell your doctor that Medly is your pharmacy and then download the app to schedule your delivery. Medly has pharmacists that are available 7 days a week via call or text (in 12 different languages) to answer any questions you may have. Medly also works to reduce the cost of your medication by researching discounts for you. Download the app to pay your copay, track your deliveries, or contact the Medly team. Although the Medly app is currently only available for iPhone users, you can still schedule your deliveries through call or text. Right now, Medly delivers in New York, New Jersey, Florida, Philadelphia, and Baltimore—but their website promises more locations coming soon across the country.


NowRx is a local pharmacy that offers free same-day delivery on prescriptions for those in select cities in California and Arizona (you can suggest locations on their website). The app even offers one hour delivery for $5. The app allows you to manage medications for multiple family members, and even has a video chat feature where you can talk to a pharmacist. NowRx will automatically find and apply coupons to lower the cost of your medication, and offers price matching if you find a cheaper option somewhere else.


Getting birth control is complicated and expensive. Nurx gets you a prescription for the birth control of your choice and delivers it to you for free. Once you provide your health history, a licensed Nurx provider in your state will review your information and write a prescription that will then be delivered in discreet packaging. Nurx is free with insurance, and $15 per month without. It offers over 100 generic and name-brand options for you to choose from, and also prescribes emergency contraception, at-home STI test kits, and PrEP. The Nurx team is made up of physicians, pharmacists, and nurse practitioners and you can access the customer care team 7 days a week via email, text, or phone. Nurx currently delivers to 37 states across the U.S.

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