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How to Avoid COVID-Related Financial Scams
Some criminals have learned how to profit off of COVID-19 by scamming unsuspecting targets. We talked to a handful of experts to discover some of these scams—plus how to avoid becoming a victim.
How to Work Mental Health Costs Into Your Monthly Budget
For the 50% of individuals who need mental health treatment but do not seek it, cost ranks high as a reason for avoidance. Here's how to mitigate that and get the mental support you deserve.
The Impact of Long-Haul COVID on Employment and Income
Here's what you need to know about long COVID and how to cope with the potential impact on your bottom line.
Neurodivergent Children Often Come With Medical Costs: How to Plan as a Parent
When you have a neurodivergent child, there may be some unexpected medical costs. Here's how to support your kid while balancing your budget.
Colonoscopy Costs Aren't Always Accepted by Insurance—Here's How to Get Yours Covered
Here's the deal with colonoscopy costs: options, what insurance covers, and how to make the procedure affordable (even if you're still young).

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Selecting medical powers of attorney is an important step aging parents should take to ensure they get the care they want if they are unable to advocate for themselves.
HSA Rules and Coverage: Do You Really Need a Health Savings Account?
Maybe. For certain folks, the tax benefits and encouraged savings can be a boost for covering medical bills.
Is Social Security Really Going Bankrupt? What the Future Means for Your Medical Expenses and More

If you've wondered if there will be any cash left in the federal coffers to help cover your medical expenses in retirement, here's what you need to know about social security.