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IUDs Can Be Expensive-Here's How to Make Them More Affordable

An IUD can cost about $2,000 if you don't have insurance. But luckily, there are programs in place that make this highly effective form of birth control more affordable. Here are some IUD costs to expect-with and without insurance.

How to Get Mammograms and Other Crucial Tests if You Don't Have Insurance

You can still get necessary scans, routine tests, and primary and emergency care, even with no health insurance-or if your coverage is lacking. Here's how.

Do Medical Bills Affect Your Credit?

Do medical bills affect your credit score? Yes, but don't panic. Unpaid medical bills aren't as detrimental as you think. Here's the timeline from bill receipt to when the debt lands on your reports.

IVF Cost Can Be Astronomical—But There Are Affordable Alternatives

The cost of fertility treatments such as IVF can approach $100K—but there are ways to bring the cost down, including affordable clinics and even "micro" or "mini" IVF.

Women Who Can't Afford IVF Describe 'Shame' Over Turning to Fundraising

With the skyrocketing costs of IVF and other fertility treatments, more and more would-be parents are turning to fundraising sites in hopes of financing their families. But crowdfunding comes with its own costs.

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Mosaic Embryo Transfer Could Help Families Save Thousands—Why Are Doctors Avoiding It?

For the millions struggling with infertility, the possibility of implanting mosaic embryos could be a game changer. But what happens when creating life intersects with creating profits—and how can you ensure you don’t fall victim to a doctor or clinic with unscrupulous motives?

How to Save Money on Your Workouts—Online & IRL

From free online classes to actually-affordable personal trainers, there are plenty ways to save money and get the best bang for your workout buck—no matter your budget or fitness experience.