Women are all too familiar with the struggle to get their symptoms taken seriously by doctors. These are their stories, plus pro tips for how you can take charge of that gut feeling that something's wrong.

It Happened to Me: Real talk from women who've been there

It Took 2 Years of Unexplained Symptoms Before Doctors Finally Diagnosed Me With Type 1 Diabetes

Katelyn Prominski's doctor dismissed her weight loss, extreme thirst, and brain fog, leaving this top ballet dancer unsure of where to turn. At a friend's urging, she went for a blood panel, which started her on the road toward treatment and healing.
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I Had Symptoms of Preeclampsia During My Pregnancy—but My Ob-Gyn Kept Shaming Me for My Weight Gain

My doctor was so focused on the 52 pounds I'd gained by my third trimester, she missed a pregnancy disorder that could have killed me and my unborn child.
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My Doctor Misdiagnosed Me With Seasonal Allergies—but I Actually Had Lung Cancer That Spread to My Brain

At first, Gina Hollenbeck was told that her chronic cough was due to seasonal allergies, then a second doctor chalked it up to gastric reflux. It was a chest X-ray she insisted on paying for out of pocket that led to her terminal cancer diagnosis.
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Doctors Dismissed the Lump on My Neck as a ‘Swollen Lymph Node’ for 5 Years—but It Turned Out to Be Cancer

During her first year of medical school, Diana Cejas went to the doctor because she found a lump on her neck. She was told it was “nothing to worry about” and that antibiotics would take care of it.
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My Doctor Dismissed My MS Symptoms as 'Stress'—Even Though My Body Was Going Numb

At 22 years old, when Ashley Ringstaff first went to the doctor complaining of numbness on her face, she had two young boys and was studying getting her degree. Her doctor prescribed her medication for stress and sent her on her way. It took over a year for her to be diagnosed with MS.
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More Misdiagnosed

My Vagina Felt Like It Was on Fire for a Year—but Doctors Kept Telling Me It Was Just a Yeast Infection

A gut feeling told Ashley Collins, 27, that the pelvic pain and burning that took over her daily life and made sex hurt was caused by something other than what her many doctors believed.
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For 6 Years, Doctors Kept Telling Me I Had PMS—but It Turned Out to Be Brain Cancer

Karissa Ostheimer, 34, regularly experienced brief yet terrifying episodes that left her frozen and unable to speak. But only when she had one behind the wheel and crashed her car did doctors consider they could be related to something far more serious than her period.
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You Got This: How to be your own advocate

Diagnostic Errors Make Up One-Third of Serious Malpractice Claims, Study Shows

Misdiagnoses are the most common, costly, and dangerous medical errors.