There are plenty of ways to make any trip—for business or pleasure—a fitter one. Take some tips from Charles Stuart Platkin, nutrition and public-health advocate and founder of

Even if your hotel doesnt have a pool, you can find one.


  • Check out hikes of all lengths and skill levels, backed up with downloadable maps and satellite images customized to your hike at You can even get GPS coordinates sent directly to your Garmin, Magellan, or GPS-enchanced phone for on-the-trail updates. (Access the Web site with free registration; full service costs $15 a year.)
  • To view more than 40,000 hikes, subscribe to the excellent (It costs $49.95 annually--but theres a free 14-day trial, too.)
  • Find an easy and free guide at, where you can see hikes based on the metro area youre visiting.