Instagram star Anna Victoria recently shared an inspiring message.


Instagram star Anna Victoria is best known for her insanely rockin' body that she often flaunts in teeny bikinis on social media while promoting her brand Fit Body Guides. But three days ago she posted a decidedly different image of herself and we couldn't be more appreciative.

Sitting in front of a mirror wearing a sports bra and workout tights, Victoria appears to have (gasp!) a few stomach rolls. You know, the very thing pretty much every human has that we all long to banish. The post was deliberate and her caption was beautiful and so relatable.

"As a society, we shouldn't let physical characteristics set the standard for whether we deserve to love ourselves or not. Everyone deserves to love themselves, however I know that's easier said than done," she writes.

Victoria admits even she beats herself up over these perceived "imperfections," and is working to change that. Interestingly at first glance of the photo we didn't even notice the folds on her stomach, with our first thought that it just looked like a photo of a gorgeous girl stopping to take a selfie during her workout. If only we all saw ourselves that way as well.

While it's typically pretty easy to spot the beauty in other people, we need to spot it in ourselves, too. If we can do that, the world will be a much happier place.