This has to stop.

Credit: Getty Images

As women we are really hard on ourselves, particularly in terms of physical appearance. But just how critical we are may shock you.

When Weight Watchers surveyed 2,000 women in the U.K. ranging in age from 18 to 60, they learned that the typical female criticizes herself a whopping eight times a day, most likely even before she's had her morning coffee.

The critiques that came up the most included feeling too fat, fretting over messy hair, and thinking their midsection looks way too big. Feeling inferior on social media was also commonly mentioned.

"Today's hectic and visually driven world has meant that we're seeing a rise in women being self-critical, from the way they look to the way they feel at work," said Zoe Griffiths, the head of public health and programme at Weight Watchers, in a statement. "Our research has shown that being unkind to ourselves has been an underlying theme for women for many years, but a set of very modern cultural conditions have increased the intensity of this unkindness which are hard to avoid."

The survey, which is part of Weight Watchers' #WomanKind campaign, also found a common quality women wished they had included feeling more confident.

This is so not okay. If ever there was a reason to offer ourselves a little love it's these incredibly sad findings. We are too amazing to let these thoughts continue to creep into our heads each and every day. Let's kick those New Year's resolutions to the curb and start loving who we are right now, because we deserve it.