Ally Tokar was always thin, but now she's fit—and she loves her body more than ever.


If you ask fitness influencer Ally Tokar, being in her early 40s means looking and feeling better than she did in her 20s. Tokar took a walk down memory lane recently and shared two bikini photos on Instagram: one of her at 27 and the other at 42, her current age. She completed her comparison with a message about how she views herself now versus then.

“Your 40s can be way better, like unbelievably, extraordinarily, infinitely, SO MANY ADVERBS better than any previous decade,” she captioned the 15-year before-and-after post. “Yes! even your 20s when you thought you were doing pretty good until you compare it to a picture from now and you’re like, ‘Hmmm. I kinda think I look better now, even after 2 kids INCLUDING ONE THAT WEIGHED OVER 8 POUNDS.’”

Tokar's before-and-after clearly isn't about weight loss. She previously shared a post about how she was always slender, but her body transformed from thin to fit after she got hooked on fitness three years ago. "I started working out because I needed to. I was skinny, but not fit," she wrote previously.

This is the latest of several transformation posts from Tokar, who recently put up a side-by-side photo with her husband Kory. We loved her all-too-relatable message about losing weight with her husband.

While Tokar struggled with weight loss, her husband, Kory, had a much smoother ride. “And all he had to do was eat a few salads over 3 months and he has a V," she wrote, describing the lines that connected his abs and hips. "Do you have a V? I don’t have a V. WHY DON’T I HAVE A V?????”” she wrote in April.

In addition to these before-and-after images, Tokar regularly shares videos of her yoga routines and progress with her 85,000+ Instagram followers. How a person ages has to do with genetics, but it's also about things you can control, such as eating healthy and staying fit. Clearly, Tokar has benefited from the latter.