This Fitness Blogger Shares Images of Her Loose Skin to Give a Body Positivity Message

Sia Cooper keeps putting it all out there, and we're cheering her on.

Sia Cooper is a fitness trainer with nearly one million followers on Instagram—but she didn't attract them by having a perfect body. Much of her platform is dedicated to encouraging other women to rise above impossibly high beauty standards. She does this by showing her stretch marks and cellulite, and pointing out which of her photos have been retouched.

And in one of her more recent before-and-after posts, she opens up about another so-called body flaw: loose skin.

"Things aren't always how they may appear," Cooper captioned a side-by-side of her abs. "I do have loose skin.. when I'm not flexing or sucking in! Skin is skin and it's normal. Some of us have more than others. … Who cares? It doesn't define our worth or beauty so don't give it the power of your happiness!"

In this post, Cooper tells other women to prioritize themselves and their mental health. By revealing her flaws, she hopes others will feel comfortable embracing theirs.

"I want you to see that social media fitness gurus such as my own self aren't perfect," she said. "Just because you can't see loose skin, cellulite, stretch [marks], or acne doesn't mean it's not there ... I get insecure too and these pep talks happen almost daily LOL."

Loose skin after losing weight or having a baby is big insecurity many women share. Rather than filtering and airbrushing, influencers like Cooper have decided to let it all hang out, so to speak. No one is flawless, and we're happy to see Cooper and others promote self-love, loose skin, and all.

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