"I'm not one to post major booty shots."

By Faith Brar
Updated July 29, 2019

Katie Dunlop is inspirational for many reasons—a big one being that she's extremely relatable. The personal trainer and creator of Love Sweat Fitness (LSF)will be the first to tell you that she's struggled with her weight, dealt with a debilitating illness, and she's even been real about just not being a morning person.

Now, the fitness influencer is showing a vulnerable side of herself that you've likely never seen.

Yesterday, Dunlop posted a cute photo of herself showing off her booty, wearing bikini bottoms and a pink bomber jacket emblazoned with the letters "LSF". To her 360,000 followers, the photo looked like any of her other bright, colorful posts. But Dunlop almost didn't share this particular photo.

"I almost deleted this picture," she wrote alongside the shot. "One, because I'm not one to post major booty shots, but really because my immediate reaction was, 'OMG that is not my butt.'"

Dunlop said she has a million photos of her booty that make her feel confident—but this one hit a nerve. "The lighting and everything highlights every single dimple, stretch mark, and weird line from my shorts I was wearing and it was like looking at my butt under a microscope," she wrote. "I NEVER photoshop photos. I throw on a lighting filter and call it a day, so the good butt views and the bad are all real, this one was just REALLY upsetting at first."

Continuing her post, Dunlop wrote that she always wants to be "an example of strength" for her followers. "But oftentimes strength is not in the physical as much as it's in the emotional," she shared.

That's what inspired her to post the photo, regardless of how it made her feel. "This is me being raw, real, and totally vulnerable," she wrote. "Sharing what I might consider one of the worst photos of me, but also one that reminds me of every step, struggle, and accomplishment that I've made throughout my journey."

Dunlop reminded her followers that even though she's lost 45 pounds, it doesn't mean she has the "perfect body, free of cellulite or stretch marks."

"We are all unique and our bodies are all completely different so you need to know it's not just something reserved for someone with a few pounds to lose," she wrote.

By sharing this raw and unedited side of herself, she hopes to show her fans what it means to be strong both on the inside and out.

"I honestly never think twice about the stretch marks on my butt or boobs or the cellulite that is there because I know I am working my butt off every day and living my best life," she wrote. "Those marks don't define me. They don't define my progress. And they absolutely don't define my abilities as a trainer."

It can be hard to love your shape when you're bombarded with "perfect" images on Instagram all day. But in the words of Dunlop, it's time to start "embracing beautiful bodies and all their 'flaws' because without them we would not be the people we are today."

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This article originally appeared on Shape.com