We're going to use this as an excuse to queue up some Missy songs for our next workout.

By Carolyn Cakir
February 13, 2015

The people of the world have needed more Missy Elliott in their lives ever since her surprise appearance during the Super Bowl halftime show alongside Katy Perry. Nostalgia was running high: According to Spotify, streams of Missy Elliott songs shot up 676% between the game’s kickoff and end.

Speaking of nostalgia, you'll love this #flashbackfriday moment. Remember the pig-tailed backup dancer in Missy's early 2000s music videos Gossip Folks and Work It? The now 21-year-old actress and singer just made an awesome dance video of Elliott’s greatest hits.

Alyson Stoner quickly became a sensation at age 10 (thanks to her sassy moves below) and she's paying tribute to the artist who helped jumpstart her career. The video has nearly 4 million views since being uploaded yesterday.

And, yes, the clip has gotten Missy's attention.

Stoner has stayed in show biz since her breakout performances. She's been in movies including Cheaper By the Dozen and the Step Up series, and is currently trying to launch her singing career (you can check out her music on her YouTube page).

We're going to use this whole thing as an excuse to queue up some Missy songs for our next workout.