Bad Posture Can Be Causing Your Neck and Back Pain—and This $19 Posture Corrector Can Help

Shoppers say “you can feel the difference in your posture the first time you put it on.”

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Posture Corrector for Men and Women

There are three words we've all been told by our loving parents, grandparents, aunts, or uncles: "Stand up straight." Whether you're slouching at the dinner table, working on your computer all day, or slumping over your phone on the couch, poor posture can contribute to neck and back pain, spinal dysfunction, joint degeneration, and more. But after years of slouching and slumping, standing and sitting up straight is easier said than done. Wearing a posture corrector is a simple and effective fix, and this one by Vibo Care is just $19 at Amazon.

If you have rounded shoulders, a hump at the nape of your neck, and a dramatic c-shaped spine, you may be a good candidate for this posture corrector. It can also help individuals with scoliosis and postural kyphosis. "Posture correctors do work," Karena Wu, PT, DPT, FAAOMPT, told Health. "They structurally place the shoulders back so that the person can hold their upper torso in a better upright position," she added.

Posture Corrector for Men and Women

To buy: Vibo Care Posture Corrector, $19;

"Posture correctors work by re-educating your posture habits to go from slumped to upright," explained Krista Burns, DC, founder of the American Posture Institute. The idea isn't to wear the device every day for the rest of your life but to think of it like training wheels—eventually, you won't need the device to sit and stand upright. "This posture corrector is effective because it provides instant feedback all day to have correct posture," she said. "To transform your posture, you need a consistent reminder, and this product will help reinforce proper posture patterns."

Many adults complain of back and neck pain without realizing the underlying cause may be poor posture. When the spine isn't aligned the way it should be, this can unevenly distribute the load on your back muscles and soft tissues. The result is neck, back, and shoulder straining. You may even feel pain in the spinal area as the shape begins to take on an exaggerated curve. This doesn't happen immediately but gradually over time, which is why it's crucial to make a habit out of sitting and standing upright and practicing good posture.

The Vibo Care posture corrector takes the guesswork and effort out of maintaining proper posture throughout the day. It's comfortable, breathable, and easy to use. Wu recommends this device over electronic ones. "An electronic gadget can buzz or vibrate, but you can easily tune out that sensory feedback," she says. "This device will remind you more appropriately to hold your posture upright." With straps that physically pull your shoulders back and straighten your spine, this corrector can't be ignored.

Those looking to improve their posture often run into a few problems when using other methods and products. Posture correctors can cause skin chafing near the arms due to uncomfortable materials, and they tend to limit adjustability due to one-size-fits-all sizing. Vibo Care has thoughtfully designed this posture corrector to eliminate both of those common issues. The lightweight design allows the device to be worn under clothing, reducing friction that could lead to chafing under the arms. It's also fully and easily adjustable with Velcro straps, expanding to fit chest sizes between 35 and 41 inches. With reinforced stitching, the durable construction won't give out on you or fall apart.

Good posture is important for everyone, but it's especially critical for people who work in front of a computer all day. Anyone who sits for long periods of time, such as those with desk jobs, are bound to find themselves slouching on the job. Looking down as you type creates unnecessary pressure and weight on the neck and shoulders, leading to slumping that causes the spine to curve and back muscles to strain.

Amazon reviewers have found relief using the Vibo posture corrector for just a few hours a day. "You can feel the difference in your posture the first time you put it on," said a reviewer who started wearing it 15 minutes a day and worked her way up to two hours. "The pain has subsided dramatically," wrote a desk worker with recurring neck and shoulder pain after wearing the device for two hours a day. Before finding this product, a reviewer who had suffered from neck and upper back pain for nine years had had enough of "feeling like an 82-year-old at 30." They say this device was a "game changer" for their back and neck pain.

Poor posture isn't exclusive to certain professionals, however. It can affect anyone. One Amazon shopper who had a bad hunch their entire life called this posture corrector a "glimmer of hope." After their bad posture led to a bulging disc in their back, they found relief with this posture corrector in combination with other therapies. They tried numerous braces for posture— which they found "too tight, painful and restraining"—but this one by Vibo Care helped them find relief. Another reviewer who "needed this years ago" was told they have extremely poor posture by their doctor. They use this device as a solution to their decades-long back pain and are "amazed at how effective this thing is."

Bad posture, especially while seated, is a common cause of back pain. It's also linked to neck pain and health problems related to the spine, joints, and muscles. The Vibo Care posture corrector is a comfortable and easy solution. Plus, it's just $19 at Amazon.

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