Here's what those butts really look like.

By Samantha Lauriello
Updated November 13, 2018

How many times do you scroll through your feed and see a #bootygoals photo that makes you second guess everything you do on leg day? Well, one of those very influencers with a so-called “perfect” butt is showing her followers the truth behind her backside—and no, it isn’t always as plump as a peach.

“I’m really not perfect in any way, I’m also a human with cellulite, I have some stretch marks, loose skin, etc. and I’m not afraid to show it,” Malin Nunez wrote in a recent Instagram post showing her booty squeezed, relaxed, and flexed.

Yep, even women who look like they have perfectly sculpted behinds deal with things like cellulite and stretch marks. So why do so many of us still see these things as negative instead of embracing them as part of the beauty of being a woman?

“We sit and feel bad about ourselves and compare our flaws to a perfect picture, but at the same time, maybe that person compares her body with someone else’s and feels bad,” Nunez wrote.

She’s right. If we always compare ourselves to others, we create a vicious cycle. Instead, we should be celebrating one another’s beauty, especially our own. Next time you scroll past a #bootygoals post, try to be happy for the woman in the photo, and then remind yourself why you’re equally amazing.

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