She's making us all want to emerge from a pool in slow-mo right now.


If it seems like Toni Braxton's been living in various swimsuits and bikinis since springtime, it's because she has. The 53-year-old singer and songwriter shared yet another post of herself in swimwear on Instagram Tuesday—this one, a tiny orange string bikini.

Credit: Getty Images

"Monday splash," Braxton captioned the video, which shows her emerging from a pool and adjusting the strings on her bikini (the video is also reversed at the end, showing Braxton stepping back into the pool). She's also wearing large sunglasses in the clip, and showing off her shaved head.

Of course, Braxton's no stranger to providing bikini shots to her 3.6 million Instagram followers. In May, she shared a video of herself shedding a Versace robe to reveal an even tinier thong bikini underneath, and before that, in April, she posted another video of herself posing in a mirror while wearing another red string bikini. "Red Hot Sunday," she captioned that one.

Each time she's posted one of her famous bikini pics, Braxton's fans have swiftly responded—and her most recent Instagram Reel is no exception. Actress Antonique Smith commented: "Oh, you gon do us like that this early on a Monday, Toni?" In her earlier posts, Braxton got comments from other famous women like rapper Lil' Kim, and actresses Rosario Dawson and Gabrielle Union .

Though Braxton hasn't shared much about her workout routine or lifestyle, she has referenced that light cardio keeps her feeling happy and healthy. "If I do cardio, [I] work on my treadmill," she previously told Healthy Living Magazine. "I walk 40 minutes on my treadmill every single day."

But, she said those abs she's rocking are due partly to her career. "I'm very lucky, because as a singer, we always use our force," she told the magazine. "It's like nature's sit-ups for singers, but I work out every day." In an interview with Prevention in February 2020, Braxton also said she sometimes kicks it up a notch with her workouts—but makes sure to listen to her body. ""I love Orangetheory Fitness, but I have to be careful. If I am fatigued, I take it easy," she said.

Luckily, summer's just starting—so we may have plenty more of Braxton's bikini pics to see in the future.

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