Research reveals the best color to wear for important occasions.

By Kristine Thomason
Updated: January 31, 2017
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Next time you’re staring down the contents of your closet contemplating what to wear for that big interview, important meeting, or even a first date, here's a quick trick: narrow it down to the items you own in black.

Why? It's the "color of confidence," according to a new survey done by a British T-shirt company. After asking 1,000 adults, 56% of participants said the color black inspires confidence. Red came in second, with roughly 40% of people choosing it as their confidence color.

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While a survey from a clothing brand isn't exactly conclusive, these results do align with previous research on color and perception. For example, a 2010 study published in the journal Evolutionary Psychology found that both red and black were both associated with higher attractiveness judgements, versus other colors.

Also, 56% of men in the T-shirt brand's survey said they liked seeing women in red the most, echoing a 2008 study from The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology that found scarlet attire may lead "men to view women as more attractive and more sexually desirable."

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However, black might still be the safer choice. Although red is associated with many of the same positive perceptions, it may also exude conceit: 28% of people said red was the color of arrogance. And only 12% of participants said red marked intelligence.

Brown, orange, and pink were generally not appealing. Each scored less than 10% in perceptions of intelligence, attractiveness, and confidence.

The bottom line: when you're getting ready for something important, the safest (and sexiest) choice is #allblackeverything.

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