Last month, her mom posted a video on Facebook of the tot's reaction to seeing her family, clearly, for the first time ever. Since then, the Cincinnati native has become nothing short of an Internet sensation.

By Barbara Stepko
July 14, 2015


For a lot of kids, getting glasses can be a less than happy experience. But this little girl couldn’t be more delighted about seeing the world through her brand new pair of pink-colored specs.

Meet 11-month-old Piper Verdusco. Last month, her mom posted a video on Facebook of the tot's reaction to seeing her family, clearly, for the first time ever. Since then, the Cincinnati native has become nothing short of an Internet sensation.

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At first, Piper wasn’t quite sure what to make of her brand-new view of the world after her mom slipped on the cool, custom-made frames. But after a couple of seconds, she broke into a big, happy smile of utter amazement when she saw her family’s faces.

“Picked up her glasses. Went out to eat and put them on her. Her reaction melts my heart,” her mom, Jessica Sinclair, wrote in the caption that ran with the video.

The reason for the eyewear? “We started to notice that she was having issues reaching her milestone of crawling,” Sinclair told Cincinnati TV station WKRC. “So at her regular pediatric check they did an eye screening and saw that she might have had a slight astigmatism.”

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Turns out, Piper didn’t have astigmatism, but she was extremely farsighted and needed glasses.

Sinclair told WKRC that she’s hoping the video’s high click count will make people aware of just how important eye check-ups are for infants.

Mission accomplished. Since going viral, the footage has nabbed over 26 million views and warmed a lot of hearts too. In fact, some Facebook commenters admitted that the video of Piper brought them to tears. "I was tearing up too," Sinclair admitted in response. "Just so happy for her."

Count us among the misty-eyed.

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