Savvy drivers know they need a jack, a tire iron, a first aid kit, a can of  “Fix a Flat,” and some extra fluids (1 quart of oil, 1 gallon of water, 1 gallon of wiper fluid, 1 gallon of antifreeze) in the trunk. But you wont want to leave home without these smart essentials either.


Be prepared for anything
No car-safety kit is complete without an emergency bag. Stocked with tools for every kind of roadside emergency, the Lifeline AAA Road Adventure Kit ($60; has everything from screwdrivers to hazard triangles.


Stash a bright slicker
Keep this bright ISIS Rainbow Poncho (shown in Apricot, $69; in the car for those annoying and potentially dangerous times when you have to get out in the rain to change a tire or walk along the road. Add reflective striping, which will make it easier for drivers to see you.


Flash em
Every well-prepared woman needs a trusty flashlight in the glove box. The cute, compact Attitude flashlight ($20; gives off better light than most small models and lasts for more than 75 hours.


Hammer away
Lets hope you never need to escape from a trapped car or from under water, but if you do, the Life­Hammer (starting at $14.95; for retailers) is what youll want in your glove box.


Contain the chaos

To keep your phone, bag, and other stuff from flying across the seat (causing you to take your eyes off the road), corral it all in this SwingAway Driver Organizer XL ($15.95;, which attaches to the front passenger seat. Also, be sure to throw in some disposable window-cleaning sheets to remind you to wipe the inside of your windshield: Dust and glaring sunlight can combine to obscure your vision.