After the pup was declared terminally ill, his owner decided to make the very most of the time they have left together.

By Julie Mazziotta
Updated March 03, 2021

When Neil Rodriguez learned that his adorable pooch, Poh, is terminally ill, Rodriguez decided to take him on a whirlwind tour across the country and back. And now all of us get to join them on their journey.

Rodriguez adopted Poh from a shelter when he was just eight weeks old. Now 15 years young, the pup is unfortunately suffering from multiple tumors and kidney failure. According to his vets, he could die at any time.

“They were like, ‘We can’t tell you [how much time he has left] but you could have days,’” Rodriguez told the New York Daily News. “’He could be gone any day.’”

Rodriguez, a DJ, had an upcoming gig in Arizona, and decided with his fiancée to take Poh along for the drive. “I did not want to leave my dog knowing that he could go at any moment,” he said. So they hit the road, along with a stock of daily IV drips for Poh.

That was about three months ago, and Poh has since covered around 12,000 miles on a seven-week road trip, all documented on the Instagram account @PohTheDogsBigAdventure.

The feed is filled with shots of Poh posed in front of landmarks from the 35 cities he made it to on the trip, from the Golden Gate Bridge to Graceland (with the hilarious caption, “Poh ain’t nothing but a hound dog!”).

Rodriguez’s goal was just to get Poh to the Pacific Ocean, so he could go for a swim, Rodriguez told ABC News. “He loved it, it was so healing for him. It was like he was five years younger. He was walking with a lot of energy.”

In fact, Poh was doing so well that Rodriguez decided to tack Portland, Oregon and Seattle onto their trip before heading home to Queens, New York. Now he's taking Poh to sights across the five boroughs, and hopes to travel with him down to Miami once his fiancée comes back from her own trip to Japan.

“I’m super-blessed that I have actually gotten to do this,” Rodriguez said to ABC News. “People think I take care of Poh, but Poh takes care of me."