There’s a new workout in town and it’s an AM dance party—a 7 to 9 AM dance party, to be precise.

By Kelly Saiz
Updated June 19, 2015
Credit: MaryAnn Barone

Loud music, dark lights, flailing bodies, and…plenty of coffee to go around? There’s a new workout in town and it’s an AM dance partya 7 to 9 AM dance party, to be precise.

Raves are no longer just the domain of drug-tripping twenty-somethings: Self-described new "movements" like Daybreaker and Morning Gloryville have taken the fun of a night out, subtracted the alcohol (and any illicit substances), and rebranded the concept to create a truly unique workout experience that Daybreaker touts as the best way to “start your day off unlike anything else.” Indeed, many partygoers head straight to work after the fun's over.

For $25, the Daybreaker experience includes healthy refreshments, a pre-dance yoga session, massages, and a “Free Haikus” corner where the Haiku Guys create customize poems on topics chosen by party-goers. The Morning Gloryville "raveoloution" also includes dancing, yoga, and massages.

“You get some exercise in, you feel great physically, and it’s an incredible dance party,” Daybreaker co-founder Matthew Brimer recently told the New York Times. “Dance culture and underground music tends to be boxed in to this idea that you need alcohol or drugs to enjoy. What we’re trying to say is that there’s a whole world of creative experience and dance, music and art.”

And it may be coming soon to a town near you. New York City native Daybreaker recently launched in San Francisco and plans to bring the party to London and Vermont. Since its inception in London in 2013, Morning Gloryville has expanded to Barcelona and NYC and will soon start up in Paris, Tokyo, and Zurich.

According to Health's own associate social media editor MaryAnn Barone, who recently attended a Daybreaker event at Space Ibiza in Manhattan before coming into the office, "There was an MC to get everyone pumped, and different DJs, dancers, hula-hoop girls, and aerial dancers. It was super-fun!"

So whether you’re looking to spice up your usual exercise routine or want to dust off your dancing shoes before dark, this new workout craze will put a punch of fun into your busy workweek.