Use these tips to find your digital sweet spot.

By News & Views
February 12, 2016
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We may be glued to our devices, but it seems that we're starting to rethink the attachment: Eighty-four percent of Health readers polled said they feel like they use their smartphone too much. Luckily, you don't have to toss your little lifeline to get your life back, says James Roberts, PhD, author of Too Much of a Good Thing ($20, Use these tips to find your digital sweet spot.

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1. Swear off it for small periods of time. For example, leave it at your desk during lunch. "You'll be over the first hurdle of establishing distance," says Roberts.

2. Create areas and times that are off-limits. Roberts uses a Detox Box ($25, as a place to lock up his phone during time with his family.

3. Try a monitoring app. BreakFree (free, iTunes and Google Play) tracks how often you unlock your phone each day, plus your overall usage, and gives you a real-time "addiction score" that drops as you lean on your gadget less.