The actress, writer, and director continues to champion body positivity for women everywhere.

By Rozalynn S. Frazier
Updated May 26, 2015

Anyone who has watched an episode of the hit HBO show Girls knows writer, director, and actress Lena Dunham is not shy about her body— at all. And in a way, her choice to bare it all (repeatedly) has solidified her spot as a champion for the curvy girl, showing that all bodies, regardless of size, are beautiful.

Which is exactly why we were excited to see Dunham's lingerie-clad figure in our Instagram feed yesterday, while we were off enjoying Memorial Day. “Love my @lonelylingerie and I think I will wear it to dinner with some boots & a smile because we are all very lucky to be free,” the caption reads.

We weren’t the only ones: The 29 year-old’s photo has gotten more than 81,000 likes (which is a lot, even for her), but what's surprising is that the comments section (aka the place where trolls normally feel free to trash the bodies of famous women, no matter what) on Dunham's photo were mostly positive. They ranged from, “I love how comfortable you are with your body Lena! I aspire to be like that someday. :]” to women simply thanking her for being brave enough to show the world what a “real” body looks like.

We have to admit, Dunham, who recently revealed that she has finally found a way to love exercise, citing The Tracy Anderson Method (created by Health’s very own contributing fitness editor Tracy Anderson!) as one of her workouts of choice, is looking damn good. We applaud her on all of her hard work in becoming a healthier version of herself, and for her continued body-positivity.