Tess Holliday Shares Nearly Nude Photo to Prove You're Allowed to Love Yourself: 'I Highly Recommend It'

This is why she's a body-positive queen.

You can’t think of body positivity without Tess Holliday coming to mind. The 34-year-old model has earned serious respect from fans and followers by creating size-inclusive content that encourages self-love. Now, her latest Instagram post has gone viral thanks to its provocative yet body-positive photo.

On Wednesday, Holliday shared an image of herself nearly naked in the mirror, her hand over her nipples and her body art on full display. “Imagine finally realizing that you are allowed to love yourself, as is,” she wrote in her caption. “It’s such a powerful feeling, I highly recommend it.”

Within 24 hours, her post racked up more than 50K likes and dozens of comments from fans. Holliday also tagged the photo's location: Joanna Vargas Skin Care, a spa in the Sunset Tower Hotel in Los Angeles.

She ended the caption with the hashtag #redlightspecial, which seems to be a nod to the infrared light bed spa treatment she appears to be enjoying in the photo. Not only does Holliday preach self-love, she practices self-care, too.

This isn’t the first time Holliday has gone nearly nude in social media. Last year, the mom of two posted a naked photo of herself in her bathtub with her son.

“This photo isn’t ‘flattering’, but I don’t care,” she wrote. “I’m proud of my body, & what it’s capable of & how funny & ridiculous my life/motherhood is.”

“I know this photo will piss people off, it will be shared worldwide while being mocked and judged, saying how I’m ‘negatively affecting’ impressionable young minds, and I’m prepared for that,” she said at the time. “My body has always felt like a war zone, but I’ve made peace with that. It’s your minds that need to change."

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