Tamron Hall Celebrates Her Birthday and Opens Up About Being a Working Mom

Broadcast journalist, Tamron Hall, celebrated her birthday with her own—self-made—magazine cover that highlights some of her recent and upcoming milestones and shared it on social media. She hopes to encourage the same self-esteem and positive body image in others.

The faux cover features Hall as the cover star, wearing a lacy black and white lingerie set, high heels, and hoop earrings. She's surrounded by "headlines," including one announcing that she just marked the start of the third season of her talk show, Tamron Hall. Another says she will be releasing her first novel, As the Wicked Watch.

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The cover also features a quote: "It's not counting up, it's the countdown to the things you deserve." Even the fake barcode at the bottom left of the image has the numbers of Hall's birth date: "0916-1970."

"Celebrating My 51st Birthday!!! Thank you for all the beautiful birthday messages. Love y'all. #Blessed #virgoseason #itsmybirthday," she captioned the post.

"Happy Birthday fellow Virgo!!," fellow broadcast journalist Soledad O'Brien wrote.

"Bringing the 🔥," Hall's former TODAY Show co-host Savannah Guthrie commented.

Hall and Guthrie have a unique bond: Hall turned to her for advice during her IVF journey, then let Guthrie know early on when she found out she was expecting her son, Moses, with her husband, according to Entertainment Tonight.

Since Moses's birth, Hall has been candid about how she balances her family and work and enjoys giving a look into what a normal day in her life looks like. "I don't feel bad about saying goodbye to Moses," Hall said. "It's the reality of being a working mom. I also love my job. I mean, if I hit the Powerball, would they hear from me again? Probably not. But I try not to focus on the leaving part too much. I just give Moses a kiss and go."

In the same article, Hall opened up about the pressure she feels as a working mother: "With my work, I feel a huge responsibility to the people around me because if I win, everyone wins. Everyone's future, including my baby's, is linked to mine. It's a lot of pressure! I used to be anxious about the enormity of it all. Before my first day, I fantasized about packing up my baby and husband and jetting off to Mexico to sell T-shirts. But I don't think about it anymore on a day-to-day basis."

But just because she's a mom with a hectic schedule doesn't mean she never dresses up. While she might not wear "a jewel-encrusted Miu Miu dress"—or even the outfit from her latest Instagram photo—around her son, she says she "always" dresses "cute."

"This idea that momhood means uncute is so not true. Yes, I've had days when I've walked around disoriented in milk-stained leggings. But I've also had disorienting days as a working woman supporting myself in a competitive field driven by patriarchal rules. I just didn't have milk stains then."

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