Suzanne Somers Shares a Photo in Her Birthday Suit to Ring in Her 73rd Birthday

Who says you can't be sexy at 73?

When it comes to being sexy, age is just a number—and Suzanne Somers has proved that this week. The actress, who celebrated her 73rd birthday on October 16, shared a naked photo of herself on Instagram to commemorate the milestone—and it's seriously inspiring her fans.

On Wednesday, Somers posted the photo of herself squatting naked in a field of tall grass. While her caption was short and sweet—"Here I am at 73 in my Birthday Suit!!!"—the responses from her fans made up for her lack of words. Within hours, thousands of fans liked and commented on her post, proving that she's just as popular as she was when she became famous back in the 1970s.

"You go girl! Way to rock your 70's. So inspirational!!" one fan wrote. Another added, "Love this!!! Appreciate you being an example of the importance of loving our bodies and still feeling sexy at any age!"

Naturally, a naked photo online won't go without a little criticism. A handful of commenters weren't digging her celebratory nude post.

"Jealous?? Hardly!! I'm an extremely open minded woman but this photo is lacking class," one commenter wrote. "Suzanne just doesn't look good anymore to flaunt herself in her old bday suit. Sorry Suzi but you're too old for this. Show some class (if you can find it) and put on a tshirt & jeans and then you will look hot."

All in all, the love outweighed the hate online, with plenty of users admiring her youthful look.

"Jeez, I can't believe you're 73. I got to start using some of your products," a commenter added. "Do you have a men's line of skincare?"

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