From Health magazine
Tossing and turning on work trips and vacation? Can't sleep in your hotel room? Try these simple solutions from Michael Breus, PhD, author of Beauty Sleep.

Problem: The air is stuffy, dry, and completely over-deodorized.
Simple fix: If you can, open the window—youll sleep better in fresh air, Breus advises. If the windows are sealed (or if youre in a particularly noisy or polluted city), turn on the fan on the air-conditioning unit as soon as you enter the room to get the air circulating. Then add moisture by running a hot, steamy shower and leaving the bathroom door open.

Problem: Uh oh! The mattress is too soft.
Simple fix: When you make your reservation, choose a room with a queen- or full-size bed instead of a king one. “Smaller mattresses have a tendency to be firmer,” Breus says. If you find that the bed is uncomfortable, dont hesitate to request another room. Ask for one thats recently been redone. Why? Its more likely to have a newer (read: firmer) mattress.

Problem: The walls are incredibly thin—you can hear everything.
Simple fix: Book a corner room on a high floor, so youll be farther from street noise and less likely to have two bothersome neighbors. But if you end up near a high-volume-TV lover, bring a small white noise machine or earplugs (with a noise-level rating of 32 or less, so you can hear your alarm and the smoke alarm). Or put white noise on your iPod.