Burn Survivor Shalom Blac Uses This Mantra to Feel Her Most Beautiful

No one else is you, and that makes you beautiful.

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YouTuber and makeup artist Shalom Blac has been very vocal about defining beauty for herself, so it's no surprise that she made it her mantra. "Be your own kind of beautiful," Blac tells Health. "That means defining what beauty is to you and being that." Marilyn Monroe reportedly said this phrase first, and Blac channels it into everything she does, from her makeup looks to her personal style.

"It reminds me that yes, I'm different, but I can be different in my own beauty," says the 25-year-old, who was only nine when she was seriously burned in an accident at her mother's restaurant. "I feel like society wasn't celebrating [my kind of beauty] and I learned to celebrate it in my own ways."

Blac makes it clear that she doesn't refer to her mantra every single day, but when she does, she goes all in, especially in moments where she's feeling down because of messages and images on social media. "[I have to remind] myself that I am worthy and beautiful in my own ways."

You can watch the rest of Shalom's mantra in the video above.

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