Days after the suicide of a friend and fellow celeb, she urged fans to "enjoy your life."

Two days after the death of her friend, British TV presenter Caroline Flack, Rita Ora had a brief but meaningful message for her Instagram followers. “Enjoy your life. Please,” she wrote. “Protect your heart and be proud of YOU.” 

The accompanying photo shows Ora relaxing in a sunny garden, wearing a string bikini that shows plenty of underboob. 

Flack, 40, who hosted the reality TV show “Love Island,” died by suicide at her London home on February 15. The star, who previously spoke about being treated for depression, was reportedly “struggling” with negative media reports, online trolls, and the decision of the UK Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) to press ahead with a trial after she was charged with assaulting her boyfriend in December 2019.

Ora paid tribute to Flack the following day with a series of Instagram pictures of them together, writing: “Caroline you were a true light to everyone you met I can still hear you laugh right now, everyone knew it’s was your laugh! Oh here’s Flackie! I was blessed to call you a friend. I hope your death is not in vain and a lesson is learnt today. Let’s put a stop to public humiliation, shaming and bullying from the media. Let’s stop targeting young people. Let’s stand together and use social media more responsibly. Let’s think before we type. Please look around you to see which of your friends/family needs support. Lots of love to Caroline Flack and her family and friends during this tragic time (sic).” 

Ora looks amazing in her teeny two-piece, and hundreds of her followers left positive comments praising her figure and her attitude. But as always, a couple of people made digs. “Looks a bit small,” one person wrote, while another troll said: “Get a bikini top that fits.” 

Clearly, those people didn’t pay attention to Ora’s earlier post asking for “a stop to public humiliation, shaming and bullying.” We can only hope, like Ora does, that more people think before they type. 

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