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If the thought of living healthy in the new year makes your mind turn to treadmill workouts and broccoli recipes, then Pinterest’s top wellness trends for 2018 is for you. Encompassing healthy habits that benefit your mind, body, and soul, the just-released list has something for every Pinner—61% of whom say Pinterest is where they find ideas to be their best selves. Here’s a look at the food, fitness, and feel-good trends that will be all over your boards next year.

The trend: A gut feeling

Is it just us, or did gut bacteria totally take over in 2017? Feeding yours with GI-friendly grub offers major health benefits, including reduced inflammation. Expect digestive health to still be buzzy in 2018—and start by pinning recipes starring the best probiotic foods for your gut.

The trend: Strength over size

More and more Pinners are hopping off the treadmill and onto the strength-training bandwagon, and with good reason: Strength training builds muscle, sure, but it also improves your balance, keeps your bones healthy, and helps you burn fat—yes, really. But it’s not the slimming effects that will reign supreme in 2018. Next year is about celebrating the amazing things your body is capable of.

The trend: Let’s clear the air

If you already eat clean, it’s time to consider the air you breathe in 2018. Air purifiers and plants that do the work for you make great additions to a healthy home. They keep your rooms free of smoke, dust, and other allergens and reduce the effect these can have on your body.

The trend: The post-workout

Consider the post-workout like an after-party: Sometimes it’s as big a deal (if not bigger!) than the main event. Recovering from tough workouts means knowing the best snacks and meals to eat, the best cool-down stretches to flow through, and the best compression gear to throw on to help you feel better fast.

The trend: A treat for tresses

Resolve to treat your hair as well as you treat your skin in 2018. Whether that means whipping up homemade, all-natural shampoo or simply washing your hair less, healthy hair tips for softer, shinier locks are going to be even more popular in the new year.

The trend: The vitamin for brighter skin

Just a few drops of a vitamin C serum as part of your daily skincare routine can help reduce signs of aging, thanks to the vitamin’s powerful antioxidant properties. Brighter, firmer skin, fewer fine lines, and a more even skin tone can be yours thanks to serums like SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic Serum ($165,

The trend: The most underrated exercise

The ancient Chinese practice of tai chi—which combines gentle, flowing movements with deep breathing and meditative thoughts—is winning over modern fitness fanatics. Try this low-impact exercise for its serious relaxation benefits and ability to reduce pain.

The trend: Wait, you can eat those?

We fell in love with essential oil diffusers in 2017; what better way to turn a home into a calming sanctuary or an invigorating den of creativity? Now, as 2018 approaches, we’re curious about how to incorporate them into our diets too. But serious word of caution: Only ingest essential oils labeled as food grade! Many essential oils are not safe for internal use.

The trend: Self-care staycations

A lot of us had a lot to fight for in 2017, which meant carving out crucial “me time” to practice restorative, re-energizing behaviors to keep us moving forward. Self care, once maligned as indulgent, became a necessity. In 2018, taking a break will still be important—even if you don’t leave your couch.

The trend: New prop on the block

Move over blocks and blankets: The yoga wheel is the latest fan-favorite yoga prop. The wheel allows for deeper stretches and self-massages, and it can support you through more challenging postures. Yogis on Instagram are already obsessed and celebs are joining in on the trend, so get pinning!