Paulina Porizkova, 56, Poses in a String Bikini as She Pauses 'All the Stress of Life'

The model shared not one, but TWO bikini posts.

Paulina Porizkova is all smiles in her latest Instagram video. Wearing a blue string bikini, the 56-year-old model can be seen standing under a waterfall, running her hands through her hair, taking in the nature of Costa Rica.

"Do go chasing waterfalls! While on a jungle hike, we stumbled on this amazing waterfall. Good thing I always wear a bikini to hike in the jungle.😜," she wrote in the caption of an Instagram post shared Wednesday.

What she didn't show was what happened after: "I should also add that we got totally lost after this, and wandered the jungle for about an hour before finding our way," she wrote.

But because she was able to find her way out, she was able to post the video—which people seemed excited to watch. "Wow!!!! Beautiful!!! The lovely waterfall, the jungle and the supermodel!!!!," one person commented. "Hot damn you look fantastic!," someone else said. "Feeling good on the inside [radiates] outer beauty outside 😉," another person shared.

And feeling good on the inside is actually the reason why Porizkova went to Costa Rica in the first place. "I have come here to heal repeatedly. I don't know what it is about being here, but my anxiety drops to nearly undetectable, and I feel like I get to pause all the stress of life," she revealed in a new Instagram post Thursday. "The minute I leave, it all comes rushing in again, but aaah, I can live for those moments of peace."

The picture to go along with the caption was a snapshot of the supermodel in a different string bikini, lounging poolside.

Again, the comments lit up with fire and heart emojis. "Gorgeous," actress Lisa Rinna wrote. "Incredible," actress Selma Blair wrote. Blair then commented again, saying "Love you so my friend. Best abs ever btw."

And yes, Porizkova's abs were on full display not just in today's poolside photo, but also in yesterday's waterfall video. The former swimsuit model has given a glimpse into what she does to maintain her physique. In June, she shared a video of herself doing Pilates, focusing on her abs, glutes, and obliques.

"At fifty-six, staying in shape takes work! I try to exercise at least 3-5 days a week. And you know what? I frickin hate it," she wrote in the caption. "I don't like to sweat and huff and puff and hurt. If sitting on a couch, eating cake, drinking wine and reading did the same for me as exercise, there would be no contest. BUT. I have come to find out that 'working out' is that perfect little pill everyone is looking for. It makes you feel good, look good, good for your brain and body - a small miracle that has to be paid of by a little discomfort."

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