How Paula Abdul Broke a Bad Binge-Watching Habit During Quarantine

This is the pandemic life hack you need to hear.

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Former American Idol judge and singer/dancer/choreographer Paula Abdul, 58, found herself doing something many of us have fallen into since the coronavirus pandemic began: binge-watching every TV show we can access. "During this pandemic, it's been challenging for everyone, even for myself," Abdul tells Health. "I had a few months off, [and] the pandemic happened. I started getting a little lazy," she explains.

Specifically, Abdul found herself spending a lot of time sitting and watching shows on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon. "I was like everyone else: binge-watching everything," Abdul says. After a while, however, she realized she needed to make some lifestyle adjustments for her body's sake. "I enjoyed so many new shows, but I started becoming a little more sedentary," Abdul says.

For Abdul, who suffers from arthritis, it's especially important to get regular exercise. When she was initially diagnosed five years ago with the condition, her doctor prescribed Voltaren. Today, Abdul is the spokesperson for Voltaren Arthritis Pain Gel, which is available over-the-counter.

When Abdul noticed she wasn't making enough time to be active, she changed her ways. "I slowly but surely got back on track," she says. Specifically, she started walking more. Abdul even developed a way to stay active and still prioritize entertainment: "If I'm watching television that has commercial breaks, every commercial break I'm mindful. I get up. I walk in place or mute the TV, turn on some music, and just move."

Watch the rest of Abdul's deep dive in the video above.

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