Meow Parlour will offer cat-shaped cookies and macarons to enjoy during your coffee-and-kitty time.
Credit: New Yorkers at a pop-up cat cafe in April 2014/EMMANUEL DUNAND/AFP/Getty Images

Despite how much you may love coffee, getting a daily cup of Joe isn't the most exciting activity. Between the impatient caffeine addicts and people barking out orders, the last thing you want to do is stick around longer than you need. That is until you throw cuddly cats into the picture.

Just imagine sipping on a latte while an adorable ball of fluff cozies up to your table. You've got to admit, it would make your coffee runs a lot more fun.

For New Yorkers, it could be a reality after December 15, when the city's first official cat cafe opens, reports Gothamist. Meow Parlour is set to debut on Manhattan's Lower East Side and plans to offer an array of goodies, including coffee, tea, pastries—best of all being the cat-shaped cookies and macarons shown below. (The owners also run the bakery Macaron Parlour.)

The cat space will be in a separate room next to the cafe, so customers can order and then head on over to the kitties, reports Eater. But to get in on the playtime, customers will have to reserve spots in advance. Each half hour with the cats costs $4, but no person can exceed five hours (you'll need a break from all of the cute, anyway).

And if you happen to fall in love with one of the critters, you could take one home: All the cats in the cafe will be up for adoption thanks to KittyKind, a nonprofit rescue group in New York City. Seeing as how pets come with a few awesome health benefits—relieving stress and reducing blood pressure to name a few—taking a cat home would actually be a good move for your health in the long run.

A cat cafe could be hitting your town someday, too. Oakland, California, already has its own cat cafe, reports Eater, and there is talk of permanent shops in San Francisco, Portland, Los Angeles, Vancouver, and Toronto.

But even if you don't live near these places, you can still get in on the cat action by paying a visit to your local shelter. That's the perfect place to meet (and possibly adopt) a feline of your own.