These Cooling Socks Provide 'Instant Relief' for Hot Sleepers

Whether you suffer from hot flashes, night sweats, or even chronic foot pain, a podiatrist says these can help.
By Rebecca Deczynski
July 06, 2021
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If the thought of wearing socks to bed makes you break out in a sweat, you wouldn't be the first. Many hot sleepers find that their feet tend to overheat at night, making it difficult to get the shuteye they need. The good news? There's a solution that one podiatrist confirms can really help keep you comfortable while you snooze: NatraCure's Cold Therapy Socks ($25;, which are designed to decrease the temperature of your feet (and the rest of your body), making it much easier to fall asleep, even through heat waves, hot flashes, and bedrooms lacking air conditioning. 

"Our feet play an integral role in controlling our body temperature by sensing temperature changes and sending a signal to our brain to cool down or warm up the body as needed," explains New York City-based podiatrist Nelya Lobkova, DPM, of Step Up Footcare. While she recommends hot sleepers keep socks and covers off their feet, if you're seeking extra relief from night sweats, Dr. Lobkova says that a pair of cooling socks can be a total game changer. 

NatraCure's socks come with removable, freezable gel packs that, when inserted into the socks, make them cool to the touch. Dr. Lobkova suggests wearing the socks a few hours before bed to reduce the temperature of your feet. If your feet don't get too cold from the socks, then she says they can be worn overnight. The point, she explains, is to keep the feet at a neutral temperature, letting the socks counterbalance any overheating that may occur. 

Dr. Lobkova adds that those with diabetes or peripheral neuropathy (translation: diminished sensation in the feet) should avoid these kinds of socks, since their feet are unable to properly regulate temperature, leading to a chance of skin damage from overcooling. 

More than 3,400 Amazon shoppers have rated the cooling socks five stars, with many hot sleepers praising them for providing "instant relief." Even if you don't overheat on a nightly basis, others still recommend them, in particular, for summertime. "I actually just got these because summer is coming up and I can't sleep with hot feet. I used to have to get up and stand in the tub with cold water over my feet before bed to cool down. This is much nicer," one reviewer shared

Customers also love how easy they are to use. "They were easy to put on with gel packs inserted, and a very good fit—not too small or too large. I've been wearing them for about 30 minutes and they are still fairly cold. I would highly recommend for anyone with foot problems needing ice. They're easy, convenient, and non-messy. Just what I was looking for!" raved another

NatraCure Cold Therapy Socks - Reusable Gel Ice Frozen Slippers
Credit: Amazon

Not only do these cold therapy socks work wonders for hot sleepers, but they are also beneficial for a number of foot health conditions, including fractures, tendonitis, foot and toe sprains, and chronic inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, bunions, and plantar fasciitis, adds Dr. Lobkova. And the proof is in the reviews, since Amazon reviewers laud the socks for helping relieve foot pain due to chronic pain, pregnancy and chemotherapy.

Having cold feet can be a good thing, especially when it can greatly benefit the quality of your sleep. And with NatraCure's cold therapy cooling socks, it's now even easier to get the relief you need from hot flashes, night sweats, heat waves, and even from pets who might like to snuggle with you at night. You're welcome.

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