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Introducing My Daily MindsetHealth's Newest Alexa Skill

This year we could all use a little positive thinking and self love.
September 09, 2020

2020 has been a year for the history books, and many of us are experiencing increased stress and anxiety. Whether it's a sudden shift in our daily routine (Zoom fatigue, anyone?), increased responsibilities (full-time employee, full-time parent, IT support, head chef, and more) or sad and lasting impacts from the pandemic, we could all use a little positive thinking and self love.

That's why Health Magazine and are introducing our newest interactive, voice-enabled Alexa Skill: My Daily Mindset. This 14-day affirmation journey will help you start thinking happier, healthier thoughts. To get started, enable the skill here. Then say, "Alexa, open My Daily Mindset" to any Amazon Echo speaker or Alexa-enabled device (including the app on your phone!), and come back daily for new content.

My Daily Mindset offers a simple, guided introduction to the practice and benefits of daily affirmations. Explore each day's theme, such as positivity, resilience, letting go of the past, and more. Then practice by repeating and internalizing an affirmation, listening to a daily wellness tip, and opting in to receive related articles from, sent straight to your phone!

The best part? You don't need any experience to give this a try—all you need is a few minutes, an Alexa smart speaker or app, and an open mind. This skill is compatible with both audio-only and screen devices.

Just say "Alexa, Open My Daily Mindset" to start your 14-day affirmation journey and think healthy thoughts, every day!

My Daily Mindset
Credit: Health

For Alexa-enthusiasts (or anyone looking to get more out of their smart speaker), we also recommend adding My Daily Mindset to your Alexa Routine. Affirmations are most effective when repeated each day, but we know it can be difficult to remember to return daily. Routines are a great way to automate your news, weather and traffic updates, and prompt experiences like My Daily Mindset with one simple invocation every morning (or evening!). Here's how to create a Routine and add this skill:

  1. Open the Alexa app on your mobile device.
  2. Tap More in the bottom right, then select Routines.
  3. Hit the + button to create a new routine.
  4. Select the top button (Enter routine name) to name your routine, e.g. Mornings.
  5. Select When this happens to set up your trigger. You can select Voice to set a trigger phrase,  e.g. "Alexa, start my day." You can also set routines to start at a specific time or in a certain location.
  6. Select Add action to add a task, skill, or action to your routine. To add My Daily Mindset, scroll down, select Skills, and then Your Skills. From there, you can select My Daily Mindset, and then hit next.
  7. Once you've added all the actions that you'd like to be part of your new routine, you can hold down and drag them to set their order.
  8. Then, under From, you can choose your device.
  9. When you're done, just select Save in the top right corner, and you're good to go!

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