Which condition is your state searching for?


It’s no surprise that Google is everyone’s first stop when it comes to health. When an unusual symptom strikes or you have a burning health question, it's just way easier to look it up online than swing by a doctor's office or the local ER.

But interestingly, a lot of us are Googling the same exact health topics, particularly the ones our neighbors are looking up, too. Life insurance company TermLife2Go compiled a list of the most-Googled diseases across the United States over the past year. One result that stands out? Just about everyone in the U.S. wants to know about HPV.

Yep, human papillomavirus (HPV) is the most-searched disease term across the United States, according to the survey, with 16 states listing it as their number one Googled disease. Considering that 79 million Americans have one or more types of this virus (which may lead to subsequent conditions such as warts and cervical cancer, depending on the type of HPV you have), it’s no surprise it's such a popular search term.

Celiac, diabetes, and asthma also made it into some of the top Google searches, along with AIDS and liver disease. Illinois was the only state to have relapsing polychondritis as their most searched-for disease; it's a rare autoimmune disorder that causes recurrent inflammation of joints and tissue.

It's important to note that no definitive correlation exists between a state and its most Googled disease. But some interesting connections might be made from this data. West Virginia and Iowa, which have the first and fourth highest obesity rates in the nation, respectively, both searched for conditions that can be caused by obesity (diabetes in Iowa, and stroke in West Virginia).

Kentucky and Tennessee both had asthma as one of their most Googled search terms, and ironically, these neighboring states rank third and fifth for the highest percentage of adult smokers, respectively. (Exposure to cigarette smoke can cause of asthma.) Additionally, Delaware's most Googled disease was liver disease, and this smallest U.S. state ranks third per capita in the country for highest alcohol consumption—one possible cause of liver disease.

Credit: TermLife2Go

Take a look at the full list of every state’s most Googled diseases—you might be surprised which conditions your state is most concerned about!

  • Alabama: AIDS
  • Alaska: Asthma, Stroke, Liver disease
  • Arizona: HPV
  • Arkansas: HPV
  • California: HPV
  • Colorado: Asthma
  • Connecticut: Asthma
  • Delaware: Liver disease
  • Florida: Cancer, HPV
  • Georgia: HPV
  • Hawaii: Diabetes
  • Idaho: Celiac
  • Illinois: Relapsing Polychondritis
  • Indiana: Diabetes, HPV
  • Iowa: Diabetes
  • Kansas: Celiac
  • Kentucky: Emphysema, Asthma
  • Louisiana: AIDS
  • Maine: Heart disease, Ebola virus, Lyme disease
  • Maryland: HPV
  • Massachusetts: Alzheimer’s
  • Michigan: HPV
  • Minnesota: Epilepsy
  • Mississippi: AIDS, Multiple sclerosis
  • Missouri: Colitis
  • Montana: Rheumatoid arthritis, Celiac
  • Nebraska: Scleroderma
  • Nevada: HPV
  • New Hampshire: Celiac
  • New Jersey: Colitis
  • New Mexico: Diabetes
  • New York: Cancer, HPV, Colitis, Crohn’s
  • North Carolina: HPV
  • North Dakota: Liver disease
  • Ohio: HPV
  • Oklahoma: Lupus
  • Oregon: AIDS
  • Pennsylvania: HPV
  • Rhode Island: HPV
  • South Carolina: Scleroderma
  • South Dakota: Diabetes
  • Tennessee: Asthma
  • Texas: HPV
  • Utah: Celiac
  • Vermont: Alzheimer’s
  • Virginia: HPV
  • Washington: HPV
  • West Virginia: COPD, Stroke, Kidney disease, Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Wisconsin: Diabetes, Celiac
  • Wyoming: Pulmonary hypertension, Crohn’s