One mom is encouraging us to love what we create, even ourselves.


If you're a parent, you probably pride yourself on creating your beautiful bundle of joy. But have you ever thought that as you create this baby, this baby also creates you?

“That little creation you created, created you. You were birthed when you birthed them,” writes @sherieheather of the Mumlife Guide on Instagram. “The amount of love you can give your baby is showing you how much love you can give yourself.”

New moms may struggle to accept their changing bodies. Places that were once firm might be a little softer now—and that can be a hard adjustment. "As a mother, I put myself down a lot," Sherie wrote. But rather than compare yourself to other women, Sherie is reminding moms to celebrate the moments of bliss with their new cuties. “It is those thoughts of sheer joy and happiness that helps me to override the other not-so-good ones. It is hard, it is tough, but more positive thoughts about my body = a happy healthy life,” she wrote.

Showing off your beautiful postpartum body can help empower each and every woman, she continued. “Let's all post our gorgeous real raw bodies to flood the net of real people. Let's show the world the truth. We are all different, and we are all beautiful no matter what journey we are're freaking absolutely gorgeous.”

Sherie’s honesty is one we can all relate to—and a great reminder that no matter how we look, we are mighty and we create joy. And for that, we should all smile.