Sports Illustrated Robyn Lawley is standing up for new moms (and women in general) everywhere by baring her post-baby body.

Robyn Lawley isn't ashamed of her stretch marks—instead she's proudly displaying them for the world to see and simultaneously standing up for new moms (and women in general) everywhere.

Last Thursday, she Instagrammed a topless post-pregancy photo and added a link to an explanation on Facebook to her bio. In the post, she says that a magazine in the United Kingdom published rumors that she almost had an abortion to "avoid stretch marks."

"I was shocked, not only because that is not what I said—not to mention I already had a ton of stretch marks like 90 percent of the world—but to read that entire article and be already heavily pregnant, that's their angle?" she wrote.

Not only did Lawley shut down the derogatory claims, but she also proudly defended the body she "earned" after giving birth to her adorable daughter, Ripley Dorothy, in February:

"As for my stretch marks I knew they were coming and as they're fading into white (like all my others) I thought I might capture them. Because they are some bad ass #tigerstripes. And I earned them."

Lawley isn't the first woman to label her stretch marks as "tiger stripes." However, just like she broke the mold when she was the first "plus-size" model to appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated, she continues to pave the way for women everywhere to feel more confident in their own skin.

"We put an unbelievable amount of ridiculous time-consuming pressure on women to care so much about their flaws they forget how truly beautiful they (you) are today," Lawley wrote in her post. "And to anyone who feels bad about your body especially after a baby, you are a warrior, you created a life inside of you, that's no easy feat."