MILCK Uses This Mantra to Stay Grounded When She's Feeling Overwhelmed

Keep these three pillars in mind.

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"Look inside, go outside, you already are," is singer-songwriter and activist MILCK's go-to mantra. As esoteric as it sounds, it boils down to this: First, look inside yourself and be truthful and brave with your emotions. Second, go outside and connect yourself with nature. And third, know that you already are enough, and you are good as you are.

"I'm a person who's really eager to improve and I love working... but it can sometimes wear me down," MILCK tells Health. "The reminder that I already am reminds me not to push so hard." She recites this mantra in her head up to three times a day, and it helps give structure to her day—beginning with going outside and grabbing some fresh air—during the pandemic. "It reminds me to reset and be gentle," she adds.

MILCK holds this mantra close to her heart simply because it sets the foundation for a successful life. "If I can continue to connect with nature... connect with my inner truth, and remember that I am enough as is... I'm more present in conversations, with decision-making, and I'm more grounded in [it]," she says.

You can watch the rest of MILCK's mantra in the video above.

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