This Mantra Helps Melissa Joan Hart Find Adventure When Life Gets Dull

"Yes" is the magic word.

You would never guess that actress, producer, and director Melissa Joan Hart was such a daredevil, and it's all because of the to-the-point mantra she uses to guide her life: be fearless.

"The most exciting things happened when I said 'yes' to things," Hart tells Health. Now she's unafraid of just about any challenge that pops up, from extreme sports to new career opportunities.

"You regret the things you don't do, not the things you do," Hart says. Her mantra has helped her take on all kinds of adventures, including race car driving, going on Dancing With the Stars with dance partner Mark Wallas, and auditioning for Broadway shows like The Crucible, which she calls "her biggest fear."

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"When these things terrify me and scare me, I've gotta do them," says Hart. "That means I get a little more adventure in my life." With a mantra like that, she's created a life of amazing opportunities at every turn.

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