This Woman's Stretch Marks-Covered Boobs Pic Is the Most Real Thing You'll See on the Internet Today

Influencer Meg Boggs put her breasts on social media to make a powerful point.

Just like every woman's body comes in a unique size and shape, so do breasts. Some are small and perky, others long and droopy. Some have stretch marks; some have marks and moles. Yet all this variety when it comes to breast appearance isn't represented very well on social media. Dallas-based influencer Meg Boggs is changing that—starting with a very real post featuring her own breasts.

On February 2, Boggs took to Instagram to share a naked photo of herself on her knees, her boobs hanging down in the center of the pic. The 31-year-old paired the photo with a caption about why her boobs look the way they do.

“I would say that it’s because of pregnancy and postpartum, but it’s not,” Boggs began, continuing with a list of reasons that could explain why her boobs are the size and shape they are. She wrote that her age, dramatic weight loss, chest workout, and diet could all be factors in the shape of her breasts—but aren’t.

Her breasts look the way they do, she implied, because that's just how they are—and she shouldn't have to explain.“It’s just because that’s how they are.⁣ Without need for reasons. Or defenses.⁣ Without internal justifications used to create internal gratifications before eventually forcing myself into the need for external modifications.⁣”

Boggs continued that her boobs are just part of who she is. "And I’m no longer afraid of being who I’m currently meant to be," she wrote, finishing off her post with one final note: "All boobies are different and how freaking beautiful is that."

Her message was met with tons of love from her followers. In two days, her post received over 18,000 likes and 800-plus comments. Other women poured out their appreciation for her honesty and real photo.

“Yessss!!!!! Keep showing up and speaking the truth so many of us need to hear!!” one person wrote, with another adding, “It’s just because that’s how they are. I love that and I absolutely love you.”

This move towards body acceptance is clearly the type of message women want to see in their social feeds. Let's hope Boggs continues to inspire women to do the same.

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