Yes, girls with curves can kick butt at yoga, too.

Credit: Image: Courtesy of MIMI/Elysia Berman

If you've ever nixed the idea of trying yoga because you assume your body type doesn't mesh with the bendy people who have been doing downward dog for years, we'd like to introduce you to someone who's going to prove you wrong.

Twenty-eight-year-old Valerie Sagun's Big Gal Yoga Instagram feed is everything you need for inspiration to get your butt to class. According to Buzzfeed the San Jose, California native has been practicing for four years and her poses are insanely impressive.

Run, don't walk, to her Instagram account and you'll be greeted with photos of this gal twisting into all sorts of contortions beautifully. She looks so confident, powerful and strong you can't help but want to try the moves as well…or just be her best friend. Because, seriously, this woman is a bad ass.

"I've never really felt self-conscious about my body during yoga classes," Sagun told Buzz Feed. "For me, yoga is all about the mind and positive thinking. I get anxiety and depression, and practicing has helped me through that."